The first brand to bring skiing onto the catwalk and the catwalk onto a ski run. As our founder liked to say, those skiing in Hell is for Heroes, were not skiing, but parading down the slopes.


London, 1984

Where the idea for Hell is for Heroes first came to mind and when our story begins.

After traveling the world, working for many years as a designer and trader for renowned fashion brands like Kenzo and J.P. Gaultier, our founder Riccardo Fiume, decided it was time he left his very own mark in the fashion industry doing something nobody had ever done before.

HI4H introduced a new product to the industry, a product that united technical fabrics with glamorous style, creating a collection of pieces that could be used by professional skiers and also capture the eyes of fashion connoisseurs. Pieces that were not only technical and fashionable, but that brought with them a little bit of our founder: his admiration for America’s west where he spent many years, and his fascination for, and interest in, the Buddhist culture, creating a unique collection with distinctive designs and symbols influenced by cultures from different parts of the word.

Born in Milan and growing up in Sondrio, a small city in the heart of the Valtellina Alpine Valley of Italy, we can definitely say Rikki learned to ski before he could walk. Rikki’s dream to marry his experience and passion for fashion with his unconditional love for the mountains came true with the birth of Hell is for Heroes in 1984.

A brand with a deep meaning, an Italian soul and an international mind.

About our Products

All of our products are designed by our founder’s daughter, Ginevra in her hometown of Como and exclusively manufactured in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy using materials from the industry’s leading suppliers to ensure premium quality in each and every garment.

With a strong commitment to maintaining the roots and heritage of the brand, many of the prints and decorative pieces of the garments are direct replicates of those used in the original Hell is for Heroes pieces of the 80s.

The fleece we use is synthetic and the fur we use holds a SAGA Certification ensuring a sustainable and ethical fur production.

Hell is for Heroes Today

Since 2019, our founder’s daughter Ginevra, has decided to embark on the Hell is for Heroes journey and take over the brand, bringing it forward in a creative and contemporary way without leaving behind the founding elements of the brand.

Today, thanks to Ginevra, Hell is for Heroes has obtained a new look, introducing bright colors and patchworks of materials that speak to younger generations. Those wearing our pieces continue to carry with them the true spirit of our heritage, style and positive energy, creating a vibe that still today, brings us back to our founder’s beloved Aspen in the 70s… a time and place that became a true inspiration for the brand.

In 2020, Ginevra opened the first Hell is for Heroes storefront located in Madesimo, a boutique ski resort in the Italian Alps where our founder grew up skiing and where his love for the mountains was born.

"Hell is for Heroes is one of the top Italian brands of high-end Skiwear clothing.

What makes it really interesting though, is its history. A story that since 2019 I have the honor of writing in firsthand which begins in 1984 with my father Riccardo.

After working for years in Venice, Paris, Tokyo, and London for international brands such as Leonard, Aquascutum, Kenzo, and JP Gaultier, my father decided he wanted to make his mark himself, doing something no one had ever done: producing clothes that combined the technicality of a fabric with the benefit of it and finishing them with a refined stylistic cut."

Ginevra Fiume
(Founder’s daughter and current creative director)

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