The first brand to bring skiing onto the catwalk and the catwalk onto a ski run. As our founder liked to say, those skiing in Hell is for Heroes, were not skiing, but parading down the slopes.


London, 1984

Hell is for Heroes was founded in 1984 by Riccardo Fiume, pursuing a dream to marry his passion for fashion with his unconditional love for the mountains.

When creating Hell is for Heroes, Fiume leveraged his international fashion experience gained while working for a crop of European brands such as Kenzo, J.P. Gaultier, Moda Spa, and La Maison de Couture.
A true globetrotter, constantly shuttling between London, Tokyo, the U.S, and Paris, Fiume's far-sighted idea for Hell is for Heroes was to bond glamour, color, and exquisite details with the technical and performance qualities required by the ski-wear world.

Fiume was born in Milan and spent most of his free time in Madesimo, an Italian mountain resort in the Alps, where he started skiing at the age of 7 in the woods, beating the tracks with his friends. From the very beginning, he learned to enjoy the mountains while fully respecting nature.
His love for the mountain was an unconditional and major source of inspiration. "The moment when dawn breaks, when pinks and azures blur, and I can smell the winter season is still vivid in my soul. When I seek inspiration for a ski garment, I look up and still see that 6:00 am morning sky," says Fiume.

During his prolific ski career, Fiume participated in the downhill European Cups in 1974 and 1975.

About our Products

Combining a high-fashion feel on technical fabrics was certainly a challenge.

So materials were tested throughout the entire winter season on the slopes: on the snow, in action, in extreme weather conditions. Once approved, based on the results, they were developed for the next collections.

To some extent, it is fair to say that Hell is for Heroes brought the ski fields to the catwalk and the catwalk onto the ski fields. Indeed, Fiume believed in turning the snow-covered slopes into an open-air runway.

All Hell is for Heroes products are designed in Como and made in Italy using materials from the industry's leading suppliers, to ensure the highest quality in every garment.

Hell is for Heroes Today

In 2019, Ginevra Fiume, the daughter of Riccardo, decided to take over the company with the aim to chart a new course for the renowned brand that would bring it back to its glory days with a modern spin, ultimately luring a younger audience.
Her mantra is simple: blending legacy and currency, expertise and creativity.
Needless to say, Ginevra knows the brand like the back of her hand, having lived its success, expansion, and evolution since she was a child.

Culling from Hell is for Heroes’ extensive archives, she launches the first collection in 2019 for  
FW 2020 and opened the first directly-operated store in Madesimo, Italy, in December 2021.
Entirely Made in Italy using erstwhile artisanal techniques, the defining traits of Hell is for Heroes are a vivid color palette, prized Italian fabrics, intricate standout details, and a latter-day interpretation of the label's core values and aesthetic. Each and every item is a true hero piece to be worn freely.
In a rollback to the past, the young entrepreneur captures that upbeat glam vibe that one could breathe in Aspen in the Seventies.

A lifestyle that Riccardo Fiume lived at a fast and full pace between Aspen and Denver, between the slopes and après ski life.
Preserving Hell is for Heroes’ knack to go against the grain, Fiume's ski wear is meticulously crafted from high-end fabrics such as waterproof silks, stain-resistant leather, soft wool cloth, boiled wool, tartan, and paisley.
Embracing the mantra that details make a difference, many pieces are intricately embellished with hand-stitched embroideries, jewelry, leather or velvet inserts, beads, and fringes.

Alessandra Ilari, journalist

"A productive process can create beautiful things but my curiosity led me to want more. A genuine understanding of the system brought me to the world of fashion retail. For several years, my mission was to analyze the development of worldwide retail markets, which allowed me to familiarize with the perception of the consumer, allowing me to develop an unexpected commercial strategy"

Ginevra Fiume
Founder’s daughter and current creative director

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