The Art of Ski-Wear


The Art of Ski-Wear


 The Art of Ski-Wear

 Riccardo Fiume’s design-studio is so full of his own colorful, elaborate ski-wear jackets that them could easely be mistaken for private galleries. Delicate cherry blossom ski-wear inspired by the italian designer – each one jacket – flourish in the studio, while a series reminiscent of native-america look, with opaque jackets dripping like wax, adorn the archive.

the studio, the constantly design keep on; ready for the next stunning ski-wear creation. Born and grown in Milan, Riccardo arrived in Paris in the 80’s to study the fashion making technique.


Originally a ski-racer of KL ( the ski-speed races ), spent the 70’s years in Aspen than he saw ski-wear making as an extension of his love for the mountains, and it became his preferred way of living.




Pushing the Limits

Riccardo Fiume founded Hell is for Heroes in 1984 and brought a new approach to ski-wear making due to his fashion-mode francaise background, from wich he retained an appreciation of colour and unique, hand-signed works. His Hell is for Heroes ski-wear are inspired by both mediums, wich mutually interact and are each pushed to their limits. “ Riccardo observes everything consistently, methodically, analytically, “ says all his assistants. “ He is always open to inspiration and his ouvre is completely different to anything else.”



Hell is for Heroes ski-wear is inspired by its Parisian heritage, the years spent a la Maison Kenzo e chez la Maison JP. Gaultier; but overtakes it through use of fresh, poetic and innovative light creations – rising its status to that of contemporary art.

Ever in a quest for excellence, Riccardo drives forward his team of highly skilled masters.


He recentely worked for 5 months with his Austrian, Swiss and Sud-Tyrolean, Francaise, customers to develop winter Hell is for Heroes 2016/17 winter collection.

The resulting model is spectacular, with his brightly coloured inside and so many technical innovations.


Riccardo’s work for Winter 2016-’17 collection has caught, by one sample presented and few photo, the attention of world-renowned mountain ski-wear store owners and buyers all over the Alps like Bayard in Zermatt, Strolz in Lech, Fellay in Verbier, Hofstetter in Geneve, Och in Zurich, Riml in Obergurgl, Sport House in Villar, Willow Boutique in Big Sky – Montana, Moreau in Kaprun, Schoenhuber in Brunick, Ettinger in Davos, Slalom in S.Martino di Castrozza, Wonted in Megeve, Livio in Moena, Jennewein in St.Anton, etc.


“Meeting a customer is always exciting, “he says. “ It involves finding a balance between their requirements and that i feel should be created. I want to create works of art that fit them exactly, and bring happiness into their customer.


Using my intuition and sensivity, i quickly conceptualise the artwork they’re looking for.”


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Riccardo Fiume’s energy and commitment to the craft are palpable and contagious – and are forever crystallised in each of his stunning masterpieces.