Research & Technology

The technical know-how and expertise which goes into creating our apparel is complex,
yet easy to understand, as the core element of our product development process:

CLIMATE: “ MAKALU 36° “ + primaloft

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of fabric technology so the weather is never too cold, too wet or too warm. By using the specific fabric “ MAKALU 36° “ + Primaloft we have developed garments with a new level of heat storage for women comfort and increased breathability for men needs. We keep your body climate in balance, no matter how far You go.


For high performance heat retention, the structure of our fast dry “ MAKALU 36° “ + Primaloft , makes sure that excess moisture is wicked away, rapidly drying for increased comfort. The interaction of fabrics guarantees to keep you dry inside and out, even when the activity alternates.


Optimum body temperature is key to high performance. Our clothing tecknology trap sufficient heat and actively adjust to Your level of activity, so wheather you are on the slopes or in the outdoors, you are never hampered by the cold.


Each piece of clothing is anatomically cut with optimized seam lines to match the body types of men and women. The result is apparel wich is perfectly adapted to your body. Our pants offer an advanced fit, noticeably matching each silhouette.


The quality of our workmanship, for wich we employ the highest standards of craft. From laser cut, seams, the functional details of our garments such as pockets retractable, Hell is for Heroes premium quality.


To ensure the highest standards, Hell is for Heroes only works with a handful of trusted and exclusive suppliers. Each garment is assembled manually by us and undergoes rigorous quality-control inspections before it reaches our customers.


With our body cut, perfect fit system and performant lightweight the printed stretch fabrics, such as the “ Hell is for Heroes 4way- vintage stretch print “, we legendary innovate to guarantee maximum comfort due the stretch concept applied to our linings, insulation materials and even to our seams. Our clothes follow Your movements, while being highly resistant and durable at the same time.

4WAY STRETCH: “The Fashion Development”

With our “ Hell is for Heroes 4way stretch 15k/15k vintage print “ ,we legendary innovate the look & feel image of our garments to offer you jackets & pants where the look is vintage such a stone wash cotton or a vintage linen or look such an old leather garment. Every single Hell is for Heroes jacket is unique and different to each-one else of the same production.


Hell is for Heroes has redifined lightweight fabrics, combining our high insulating stretch fabrics & down jackets with high performance & lightness.


Hell is for Heroes never compromise on quality and advanced fashion research. We have our own CENTRO STILE to develop our patented technology.


Hollywood actors, athlets, unique kind of single people love Hell is for Heroes for is own identity, It’s a meticolous process. A single jacket can consist of up to 750 different elements, each one focused on the highest standard possible.